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Richard N. Lettieri, Esq.
E-Discovery Counsel

Lettieri Law Firm, LLC
1620 King James Drive
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15237

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"Judge Joy Flowers Conti and Richard N. Lettieri offer a cutting edge look at complex ESI discovery issues and some new discovery guidelines designed to abate resulting problems."
Honorable Patricia Timmons–Goodson
     Supreme Court of North Carolina

(Referring to the recent article published in the ABA's The Judges' Journal, Spring, 2010. Click here...)

  • E-Discovery

    E-Discovery counsel are attorneys who possess the technical and legal knowledge and experience to provide legal advice to legal teams during the e-discovery process.

  • Richard N. Lettieri is an attorney whose practice is limited to the evolving law related to electronic evidence and e-discovery.

  • Be sure to view three one-minute videos that explain The Need... The Credentials... and The Value... provided by E-Discovery Counsel, Richard N. Lettieri, Esq... click here

    Mark your calendar... Richard N. Lettieri, E-Discovery Counsel to speak on: "6 Key ESI Strategies for Small Firms", at the Washington County Bench-Bar on 1-23-15, and The Erie County Bar Association on 3-24-15... click here.

    Disciplinary Board Addresses E-Discovery Competence... click here.

    ALERT: Look for an upcoming article co-authored by Chief Judge Joy Flowers Conti and Attorney Lettieri on "E-Discovery Ethics: An Emerging Standard of Competence", expected to be published in Q2, 2015!... click here